Favorite Exercise Therapies


1) Aqua therapy in an indoor pool (no sun exposure!)  Many YMCA’s offer Arthritis Aquatic exercise programs that are great for people with muscular or arthritic diseases.  Once you learn the exercises, you can raise the level as your strength increases.

2) Pilates:  If I can’t make a class at the gym, I love the Stott Pilates video/dvd series; they come in all levels and really help to strengthen core body muscles without damaging muscles and connective tissues.  There’s even some higher level dvd’s that combine an aerobic walking workout with a Pilates workout.

3)  Yoga:  There’s a great video by Rodney Yee called “Yoga Remedies for Natural Healing.”  It has 5 or 6 eight minute segments that are great for easing pain, stretching sore muscles and increasing flexibility.  They are designed for people with existing health issues.